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Emergency Services

  1. Commercial Emergency Contact Form

    The 911 Center maintains a file of contacts for businesses, so that we can promptly notify an official of your business of an emergency... More…

  1. Prepare Because You Care @ the Fallston Volunteer Fire Company - Beginning on 9/13/2017

    Prepare Because You Care (PBYC) is a four-week citizen preparedness class provided free-of-charge by the Harford County Department of... More…


  1. Vendors List Application

    Please complete the following form to be included in Harford County Government's bid list. Should you have any questions regarding this... More…

Volunteer Harford

  1. Business Volunteer Application Form

    If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill out this form and we will contact you.

  2. Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Registration Form

    This application is for groups and individuals interested in assisting with storm recovery activities and are willing and able to... More…

  3. Request for Volunteer Assistance
  1. Contact Us
  2. Request for Material Donations