What is the infrastructure like in Harford County?

Harford’s central location to major highways, airports, railways and ports provide important access to its industrial and commercial areas. Major utilities provide services for telephone, fiber optics, gas and electricity.

APG Construction


  • 715 Gate Construction - In progress
  • Rt. 24 Gate in Edgewood Area - in progress
  • Rt. 22 Gate in Aberdeen Area - in progress
  • Aberdeen Boulevard Gate - Spring 09 (construction traffic only)


  • 14.7 Million square feet of Building Space
  • Major Laboratory Buildings
  • Supercomputing Center
  • 8 Medical Research
  • 10 Chemical and Biological
  • 2 Physics
  • 5 Human Engineering
  • 1 Materiel Research
  • Experimental and Test Facilities
  • 42 Miles of Automotive Test Track
  • 196 Firing Positions
  • Roadway Simulator

Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Intersection Community Improvements

  • Traffic Studies completed
  • Study area bounded by I-95 to the north, APG and/or the Chesapeake Bay to the south, MD 1523 to the west and MD 272 to the east

Priority Intersections

Intersections prioritized based on proximity to APG and future traffic operations:
  • MD 715 at US 40 including Old Philadelphia Road (30% designed - no construction date set)
  • US 40 at MD 159/MD 7
  • MD 22 at Old Post Road
  • MD 22 at Beards Hill Road
  • US 40 at MD 155/MD 7A
  • MD 22 at MD 462
  • State Highway Administration (SHA) and Improvement Studies for BRAC at APG are available online

MDOT’s Near Term Actions

  • Transit - Improved bus service and access to rail
  • $126.3 Million for the MARC Growth and Investment Plan
  • MARC is moving forward with the purchase of 13 bi-level commuter coach cars
  • $5 Million for Edgewood MARC Station improvements
  • $2.6 Million for Aberdeen MARC Station Parking Expansion
  • $204,000 for Phase I of Aberdeen MARC Station Analysis and Multimodal Transit Center Feasibility Study
  • Community Services received funding for new commuter buses through the Economic Stimulus Package
  • BRAC Commuter Bus, federal employee shuttle and local bus improvements