Vanpooling Information

A vanpool is a group (usually between 7-15 people) who commute together on a regular basis in a van. Typically, 1 person drives and maintains the van, while riders share the expenses. Whether you ride in a vanpool, or drive it yourself, it's a great way to get to work!

Harford Commuter Assistance
Harford Commuter Assistance will help you:
  • Form a vanpool with a leased van (go to VPSI for more information)
  • Form a vanpool with your own van
  • Help you take advantage of a low-interest van purchase program
  • Join a vanpool
  • Keep your vanpool on the road with support services
Vanpool Passenger Benefits
  • Read, sleep, work, socialize or just plain relax instead of being stuck behind the wheel
  • You save thousands on your commute costs, and wear and tear on your car
Vanpool Driver Benefits
  • If you already own a van, you can recover your ownership costs
  • Vanpool drivers are often rewarded with a 'free ride' to work, and have the use of the van after work and weekends